Enhance the loading speed of your website by perfect optimization

The website load speed is one of the factors that directly or indirectly contributes to the success of a business online. As is the human nature, no one including you or me likes to wait when we are searching for something online.

When a website takes too long to load, do you think the visitor would like to wait? Why would they, when there are other websites more than ready to serve them with all they want? People will click on the back button and leave your site forever,

Once you fail to impress your visitors, you are knowingly or unknowingly moving to failure. So, if your visitors are leaving your site and never returning, then this could be one of the possible reasons that are preventing them from coming back to you.

Now, I am going to help you with some simple hacks and tips that will help your page to load within the expected time frame:

1. Image optimization:

One of the main points that you need to consider when you are optimizing your page for the web.
I don’t have to tell you that when the files are larger, they take a longer time to download than smaller files.
When there are high-resolution and large images, it contributes to increasing web page size which triggers the loading time of the page and annoys the visitors who are eagerly waiting for the page to load.

Here is what you could do:

Selecting an apt format: You need to utilize JPG format when quality is your priority. Also, this is the kind of format that you need to be using if there are no alterations needed before you upload an image.
If your image comes with logos, icons, signs, text or illustrations, it is a good idea to use the PNG format.
If the images are smaller and simpler, you could use GIFs.
Avoid using TIFFs and BMPs for images.
Sizing is another factor that matters: It is good to keep your image dimensions aligned with that of your Web page template. Here, you are at the advantage of using browser resizing capabilities which help to make your images responsive.

2. Optimizing CSS Code:

Some of the CSS Delivery Best Practices are

  1. Do not use @import call.
  2. Use only one external CSS style sheet
  3. Remove unused CSS
  4. Use inline small CSS
  5. Do not use CSS in HTML such as H1 and DIV tags.

3. Choosing a Web Host:

A lot of people think that it is the problem with their WordPress site that is slowing down their website when it is an annoying Web Host that is bringing down their business.

4. Use a CDN to improve the site’s speed:

You can improve the speed of your site by offloading the static resources that include CSS files, scripts, and images. When you use a Content Delivery Network or CDN all these resources will load much faster. In a way, you are imposing lesser load onto the primary server. And, it will automatically deliver a better performance.

5. Compressing CSS and js files:

Offer your visitors with compressed versions of your site. Compressed versions are lesser in size and load faster than others.

6. Responsiveness:

We all know that it is great to have a responsive site.

Using a responsive theme is great for mobile devices as it helps to load lesser resources. This is how you can ensure that mobile users will not view large images, and you can prevent small and highly-compressed images from reaching desktop users.

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7. Optimizing Database:

You can use the plugins such as WP-Optimize or WP-DBManager to optimize the WordPress MySQL database. Or, you could do it directly from PHPMyAdmin.
Also, these plugins will help to clear off your pending spam comments, auto-saved drafts, post revisions and trashed posts and more.
These are some of the interesting tips on how to optimize your website for the users.
You need to focus on making your site available to its visitors within the 2 – 5 seconds of time that you have got. It is the general tendency of people to leave the site if it is unable to load within the time frame of 5 seconds.
No one wants to waste their time waiting unnecessarily when other sites will load within no time.
And, what happens is you will be out. As the bounce rate increases, Google will blacklist you and ultimately you will never be seen again.

Now, that’s the worst nightmare that we all are dreading!

Don’t worry! We can help you.

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