We Love Coding
We Love Coding
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We address unknown issues and provide solutions in a manner beyond your comprehension.
Custom Websites
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Websites tailored to your specific needs.
Our designs are meticulously crafted to be one-of-a-kind, capturing attention and driving higher conversion rates.
Responsive Site
We create visually appealing designs that seamlessly adapt to various devices, ensuring optimal display on any screen size.
We Build Responsive Sites
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About Us

Who we Are?

Jenefa Solutions builds Web solutions that grow your business. We specialize in all aspects of Web Design and Development

Our Vision

In this digital age, our dream is to transform the lives of people in ways that are hard to imagine

What we Do?

From initiation to launch and beyond, Jenefa Solutions is fully committed to our clients. Your goals and your customers are always our first priority.

Elegant Design

We craft most stylish websites for all of our clients. Our designs have always beyond the client's expectation and it will continue. We undergo various design evaluation process to ensure that our clients get the best.

Error & Buggs Free

We code considering all major browsers out there so that anyone from everywhere can view your website the same way it meant to be viewed. Thus making our design's compatible to all irrespective of the browsers.

Fast and Smooth

The website load speed is one of the factors that directly or indirectly contributes to the success of a business online. We enhance the loading speed of your website by perfect optimization of coding and images.

Responsive Design

All our designs are responsive and they adapt to the available screen size, each element reacts differently when viewed on different screen sizes. The content in the website is like water, it adjusts to the available screen size.


Web Designing & Development

Having the right blueprint is imperative to success. Jenefa leads the way by using responsive approach to architect and build cutting edge web and mobile experience

E-Commere Design & Development

Whether your company is launching its first website or already has an established online presence, the goals are the same: to meet your customer needs and grow your business.

Logo Designing

A Logo is one that has the ability to project the first impression of the brand to the client or customer. Logo reinforces the reliability of a brand in the eyes and minds of customers.

Social Media Marketing

Jenefa Solutions help to take root on the web organically with correct planning and excellent implementation of social media marketing

Our Work

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Our Clients

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    No:4 Kappal Polu Street, Old Washermenpet,
    Chennai – 600021.

    +91 7299 864 166
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